Friday, 23 October 2009

Altech Team

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AMD prepares many new mobile processors and they will all start to come on surface in Q2 2010. The new core will get TDPs to more acceptable levels and will make AMD quad and dual-core 45nm CPUs more suitable for notebooks.
The impressive part is upcoming AMD Athlon II Neo Dual core K325 that should operate with 12W TDP. It has two cores, 2MB of total dedicated cache, 64b FPU, DDR3-800 support as well as Hypertransport at 2.0GT/s.
The one with slightly higher TDP of 15W also has two cores, 2MB dedicated L2 cache 128b FPU, DDR3-800 and HT 3.2GT/s support. This one should end up branded as AMD Turion II Neo Dua-Core K625 CPU.
The last CPU that should sit in Nile platform is AMD's Athlon II Neo Processor, a single core CPU with 12W TDP 1MB L2 cache, 64b FPU, DDR3-800 and HT 2.0GT/s and this one is also expected in Q2 2010.

Source: Fudzilla

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