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1. Cash on delivery:
Payment of the price payable for the goods and the cost of delivery is subject to receipt by the customer. Goods can be accepted by third party on behalf of the client.

2. Bank deposit:
Payment of the price payable for goods and delivery costs is made in advance with bank deposit. Delivery is made once the bank transfer is confirmed.

The amount is credited to:
Company: Altech Ltd.
Bank: Postbank
IBAN: BG70 BPBI 7941 1076 471701

3. In-store pickup:
In cash, with credit or debit card, or with Cheque Dejeuner's Cadhoc

You only need to have registration in In the absence of the desired item or refusal by you within one week the amount will be returned to the client's account.

5. paypal:
PayPal - pay without sharing your financial information. Please note - there is 3.5% PayPal Taxes!