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I. Terms and conditions

  • "" is the e-commerce website - a virtual information resource on the Internet for selling and delivering of the goods in it.

  • "" is not liable for infidelity of the manufacturer's product information.

  • In the absence of stock of the requested item "" within one working day after receipt of the purchase application will notify the Customer of its depletion by sending a message to that customer by email or by phone.

     In any untrue or wrong address, contact person and / or phone "" is not bound by any obligation to complete the order.

    The contract with the Customer shall be deemed concluded after purchase application properly completed by the Client.

  •  "" shall upon receipt of the application and receipt of amounts due from customers for the delivery, with outstanding direct and indirect taxes, to provide the customer desired goods.

  • "" shall not be liable if the Client gives untrue and / or incomplete data.

  • Application to purchase is accepted by sending a message to that customer by email.

  • The contract binds "" for delivery after confirmation of the request to the customer telephone or via email.

  •  All prices have VAT included.

Rights and obligations of the parties

  1.  "" shall:

    • transfer ownership to the Customer applied for purchase of goods

    • deliver in agreed time purchased goods

    • diligence to perform their duties

    • We guarantee that all products are brand new and sealed by the manufacturer.

  2. Customer shall:

    • indicate an accurate and valid phone number, address for delivery and email address;

    • pay the price of the goods;

    • pay the cost of delivery, if any;

    • to provide access and opportunity to receive the goods;

    • to obtain the property.

Requested to purchase goods are delivered to the customer specified delivery address within:
2 working days - for Sofia
3 working days - for the territory of Bulgaria.
The goods are delivered properly packed according to its type and transport delivery.

Upon delivery of the goods customer or third party must sign the documents accompanying it. Third party means anyone who is not the holder of the application, but accepts the goods and delivery and is in the specified by the customer address.

A refusal to receive the goods, except in the cases described below, the refusal is considered unreasonable and customer must pay the costs of delivery and return of merchandise. In this case the client is obliged to indemnify "" for all damages and lost profits, including any costs beyond the costs of delivery and return of the product occurred as a result of the refusal.

If the client is not found in time for shipment to the address or don't have access and conditions for delivery of the goods within this period, "" is released from its obligation to deliver the goods for purchase. The customer can confirm their willingness to receive the goods after expiry of delivery, which was not found at the address, assuming all costs of delivery. In this case begins appropriate new delivery time from the moment of confirmation under the preceding sentence.

Customer has the right to refuse to accept the stated purchase goods when it is delivered in one of the following conditions:

    • goods supplied does not correspond to the stated purchase by the Customer and may be determined by mere inspection. This means that the product is different from what is stated rather than what the customer is thinking about it. We offer preliminary advice by email, phone, etc ...

    • price that customers should pay does not match the price payable.

    • a discrepancy between the stated purchase and goods supplied, which was not possible to establish in the time of delivery, the Client may want delivered goods to be replaced by corresponding made by him for purchase within 24 hours of receipt .

    • Customer may, without compensation, to abandon the contract within 7 working days from the date of receipt of goods. In this case, The Client must return the goods kept in original packaging, intact, as transport costs are borne by him. In failure of this condition "" reserves the right not to accept returned goods, and thus not pay the costs incurred in the purchase by the Client.


    •  "" due care to protect the privacy of Customer data given in completing the electronic form for making application for purchase. This obligation shall cease if the Customer has provided false information.

    • Subject to the legislation and the provisions of these Terms, "" may use the personal data of Customer solely for the purposes specified in the contract.

    • "" may use the information under par. 1 for supply of goods and / or services to customers, promotions, sending congratulations, organizing raffles, requests for statistical and any other legitimate purposes, unless special disapproval of it, sent то the following e-mail

    • The above objectives, which can use data are not exhaustive and does not create obligations for "". Any other purposes for which data is used will be in accordance with Bulgarian legislation, the applicable international instruments, Internet ethics, rules of morality and decency.

Disclosure of information

    • "" undertakes not to disclose any personal information about customers to third parties - public authorities, companies, individuals and others, except when:

    • has obtained the special written consent of the Client;

    •  information is required by state bodies or officials, who according to current legislation have the rights to require and collect such information;


    • "" is not liable for its obligations under this contract upon occurrence of circumstances "" not provided and was not obliged to provide - incl., But not limited, to cases of force majeure random events, problems in the global Internet network and provision of services outside the control of "".


All disputes between the parties shall be settled in a spirit of understanding and goodwill. If no agreement is reached, all unresolved disputes arising from the contract between the parties or relating thereto, including disputes arising from or related to its interpretation, invalidity, performance or termination, as well as disputes about filling gaps in the contract or its adaptation to newly arisen circumstances, will be handled by a competent court of registration of "", according to Bulgarian legislation.

II. Warranty:

  1. Company "" provides its clients with warranty card for any purchased product, in which are mentioned:

    • address and telephone number of authorized repairers of equipment purchased

    • warranty of the purchased item

  2. Except for obligations specifically identified in this undertaking, "" can not be held responsible for any direct, indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages whether based on contract, damage due to omission of an official or any other legal theory and is assumed the possibility of such damages.

  3.  For all products in the store is valid warranty of the manufacturer or authorized service centers. In service centers only apply the original warranty, which is received with the goods.

III. Limitations of warranty

The warranty is voided in the event:

  1. Failures caused from bad transportation, storage or improper operation.

  2. Attempt to repair by the Client and / or other unauthorized person.

  3. When using low quality and /or not original consumables.

IV. Additional conditions:

  1. "" is not liable for damage to goods due to force majeure.