Does these prices incude VAT?

- All prices in this site have VAT included! We don't change the price of the ordered products. With ordering a specific product, if it's not depleted, you'll get it in the ordered price.

Why the prices are different every day?

- Most of our products come in a currency, different from BGN ot EUR (mostly in USD) that's why we change the prices every day according to the rate of exchange (Sells rate of UniCredit Bulbank).

What are your warranty conditions?

- All of the prices in our site are for the purchase of the specified item. We do not take any delivery or other transportaton costs (unless stated otherwise). The warranty of all products is as manufacturer's warranty period. Certain brands (such as Philips, HP, Toshiba, Samsung and others) have service centers in the country and with a document given from us, you can take the product in the most convenient service for you. In all other cases options are either to send us the product in any way you want, or bring it to our office. We are obliged to take the warranty service or replacement if it can not be repaired. All of the cases in which guaranteed service falls are described at the back of each warranty card!

How much will my delivery cost?

- We are working with courier companies. Our main courier company for deliveries is "Speedy". They have on-line calculator for calculating deliveries ( Speedy calculator ) where you can see the price of the delivery by yourself. We ship your orders from Sofia. The other courier companies have their own prices, so you have to ask them for their delivery costs.