Thursday, 7 February 2008

Altech Team

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Intel's latest roadmap implied that you should see Nehalem generation of processor codenamed Bloomfield in Q4 2008. In this quarter, Intel plans to launch Bloomfield, a native quad core with eight threads. In Q4 2008 Bloomfield has to coexist with QX9700, faster generation of 45nm Yorkfield clocked to 3.2GHz.
There is an implication that Intel might change its mind and launch a faster but this mainly depends from AMD’s performance in 2008.
Intel looks strong in 2009 and it looks that AMD will have a very tough task to compete Intel in 2009 and AMD’s biggest hope today is that Nehalem will have some issue. looks good on paper and we’ve seen a working version at back in September 2007 but obviously the chip we’ve seen was far from fully functional production ready part.

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