Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Altech Team

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AMD's next generation notebook platform codenamed Puma is almost ready. AMD will start talking about this before the end of February and the launch should be in the next few weeks.
The Griffin modified K8 microarchitecture, made exclusively for mobile products, is currently awaiting the launch of the RS780M chipset with decent integrated graphics and DVI/HDMI and DisplayPort capability that can take care of two display at the same time, as well as HDMI+HDCP and Audio.
The new AMD notebook platform supports the soon to be launched SB700 Southbridge that can support 14 USB ports, six SATA ports, HD audio and PATA.
One of the secret weapons is NAND Flash support that will be known as Hyper Flash and this memory is Ready Boost proven and it should speed up Vista at least a bit.
Source: Fudzilla 
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