Thursday, 22 May 2008

Altech Team

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After we already know what AMD/ATI are planning on their camp, it's NVIDIA's turn to show us what we should be prepared for. Verified by DailyTech, NVIDIA plans on refreshing its GPU line-up on June 18th with two new video cards that will feature the first CUDA-enabled graphics core, codenamed D10U. Two models are expected to be launched simultaneously, the flagship GeForce GTX 280 (D10U-30) and GeForce GTX 260 (D10U-20). The first chip will utilize 512-bit memory bus width, 240 stream processors (128 on the 9800 GTX) and support for up to 1GB memory. GTX 260 will be trimmed down version with 192 stream processors, 448-bit bus and up to 896MB graphics memory. Both cards will use the PCI-E version 2.0 interface, and will support NVIDIA's 3-way SLI technology. NVIDIA also promises that the unified shaders of both cards are to perform 50% faster than previous generation cards. Compared to the upcoming AMD Radeon 4000 series, the D10U GPU lacks of DirectX 10.1 support and is also limited to GDDR3 only memory.

Source: Techpowerup

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