Monday, 25 August 2008

Altech Team

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HP is making this possible with the Centrino 2 based EliteBook 6930p put on show at the Intel Developer Forum (IDF) event. This laptop comes in two primary configurations, based on the Intel integrated graphics, or ones using discrete ATI graphics which understandably, come with lower battery life.
HP made this possible by providing you 6 hours of rated battery life on the stock battery, and expanded its life with the optional HP Ultra-Capacity battery takes its life up to 24 hours, a boon for people on long-flights, scientists on field work or even outdoor photographers, or even not having to charge up for days before it goes low and requires a charge. The machine put up at IDF for a MobileMark evaluation used Intel's upcoming Sold-State drives that draw a mere 0.15 W at load.


Source: Techpowerup

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