Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Altech Team

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In a rather surprising for me move VIA, the company that has always been third in the motherboard and processor battle for supremacy, announced it's stepping down from the motherboard business. Production of future chipsets for third party AMD and Intel processors will be halted. Instead, VIA will migrate in the x86 processor business and the integrated motherboard market. Speaking to Custom PC, VIA’s vice president of corporate marketing in Taiwan, Richard Brown, explained that "One of the main reasons we originally moved into the x86 processor business was because we believed that ultimately the third party chipset market would disappear, and we would need to have the capability to provide a complete platform." That time has come and moving to the x86 processor business is the right decision to make. Most of the chipset business is now handled by Intel and NVIDIA. ATI and AMD also have complete solutions to offer. VIA's departure from the motherboard business won't make a big gap in the market.


Source: Techpowerup

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