Friday, 7 December 2007

Altech Team

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AMD feels that the K8 architecture still has a little life in it. While Intel is working hard on 45-nm and Quad Core platforms that will cost quite a pretty penny, AMD is working on cost-effective and energy efficient solutions for the dudes that don't need or can't afford 1.21 gigawatts of processing power. To create said solutions, AMD is going to revert to an old favorite: the tried-and-true K8 architecture. After putting the K8 series through a die shrink, AMD plans to bring 11 65nm K8 CPUs to market, under the code-name Brisbane. The new 65nm variants of the K8 architecture will more likely than not require very little power to run, and will even more likely be clocked at high speeds. AMD is putting a large focus on energy efficiency, as the majority of current confirmed CPU models are flagged "Energy Efficient". All of the new 65nm K8 chips will be socket AM2, and will work in an AM2+ motherboard.

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