Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Altech Team

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With the delay of the X48 chipset and the decision to delay some of its desktop CPU due to the weak performance of AMD's Phenom range, it looks like Intel might be planning to launch these CPU's alongside the P45 and G45 chipsets some time in April or May this year, but it might be sooner rather than later.
The biggest advantage we're seeing with the P45 chipset over the current P35 chipset is the fact that it supports dual x8 PCIe slots, as with the P35 you're limited to a x16 and a x4 solution if you want to run CrossFire.
The G45 is an interesting beast, as it has an upgraded graphics engine with DX10 support, full HD video decoding and built in support for HDMI with HDCP. There's of course the cut down G43 model as well, and we've even heard rumours of a simpler model than this, but it hasn't been verified as yet.

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