Saturday, 7 February 2009

Altech Team

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The new 4Gbit DDR3 memory is designed to be low-powered and operates at 1.35v, which is a 20% improvement over 1.5v modules. On another note, its maximum speed is rated to be DDR3 1600MHz. In 16GB module configurations, the new memory can consume 40% less power than 2GB DDR3 due to its higher density and because it uses only 32 chips instead of 64.
However, the new memory can be also be produced in 8GB unbuffered DIMMs for workstations and desktop PCs, and 8GB small outline DIMM (SODIMM) for laptops. By applying dual-die package technology, Samsung can create modules up to 32GB, which is twice the capacity it was able to do previously on its 2GB DDR3 chips.

Source: Fudzilla

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