Thursday, 24 January 2008

Altech Team

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It looks like OCZ is planning the future of gaming with its Neural Impulse Actuator – the world’s first gaming control system that allows users to play games by monitoring muscle movement, brain waves and eye movement. After calibration, the device allows the wearer to carry out actions such as moving, turning and changing weapons without needing a keyboard, simply by thinking what they want to do. This allows for more fluid gameplay and faster reactions – things that are essential to hardcore gamers. The mouse is still used to aim, but absolutely no keyboard inputs are required. Apparently the device is almost ready to go into production, and has been designed to take advantage of DirectX and multithreading as much as possible to minimise the performance impact. There are no details on pricing or availability yet, but if OCZ has its way, gaming could be very different in a few years time.

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