Monday, 28 January 2008

Altech Team

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Via has decided to share its marchitecture of its new Isaiah X86 CPU that can finally do some 64-bit calculation. It will now work with 64-bit operating systems.
This little wonder is done by Centauer Technology Inc, VIA's U.S. subsidiary, and the new 65nm CPU is made with power efficiency in mind.
VIA claims that the new CPU will be two to four times faster than the current and ancient C7 CPU.
The new chip will scale all the way to 2GHZ and the FSB is scalable from 800MHz to 1333MHz. At the same time, the chip has two 64L1 cache and 1MB L2 cache.
VIA also claims that its new CPU will have the world’s fastest X86 processor FPU, as it can execute four FPU adds and four multiplies per clock, all powered by a new algorithm that minimizes latency. The new CPU supports new SSE instructions. .
It is backward compatible with C7 socket and it should be shipping in the first half of 2008.
VIA plans to aggressively fight Intel in the ultra mobile segment.

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